The major difference between linkedin and email outreach

2 min readJul 7, 2021

When doing omnichannel outreach,

It’s important to speak differently on LinkedIn than you would on email.

LinkedIn is a social media platform, and you should talk to prospects on LinkedIn in a more casual, conversational tone.

Email is much more professional, and you should approach email conversations with a more formal tone.

Here’s a quick example of an outreach message we use on LinkedIn:

“Would you be interested in {offer}?


Short and to the point, because no one on LinkedIn wants to read a 3+ sentence pitch.

And yes, a simple one-line question works to get replies!!

This message prompts a conversation without the prospect feeling like they’re being pitched,

Which will drop their guard and help you push for a call while building trust.

Here’s a quick example of an outreach message we use on email:

“Hi {name},


My name’s {name}, and I help companies like yours {offer}.

Just recently did this for .. {case study}.

Would you be completely opposed to {CTA}?”

Much more long winded and formal, and this message is more of a pitch than the LinkedIn message.

Email prospects are used to being pitched in their inbox, and don’t want their time wasted.

Get right to the point, and you’ll book calls while being far more salesy than you can be on LinkedIn.

Use these different approaches on LinkedIn vs. email, and you’ll get a stream of replies on both platforms that lead to calls booked.

Hope this helps!




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