Our Agency’s Client Onboarding Process

2 min readAug 18, 2021

You just signed a new client!

While it’s absolutely cause for celebration, it’s also crunch time to set clear expectations and leave a good first impression on the client.

Once my agency signs a new client, my team and I waste no time getting them onboarded and set up with our various resources.

As soon as they sign the contract, they’re sent an onboarding email that prompts them to do 4 things.

1. Fill Out Our Client Onboarding Form

The onboarding form prompts our clients to give us insights into:

- Their offer
- Their ideal prospect
- What pain points, motivations, and goals their prospects have
- Relevant case studies and results they’ve achieved for past clients

This saves my team and I hours of market research,

And puts us on the same page as our client right from the start of the relationship.

2. Join Our Private Slack Workspace

Slack is my agency’s main form of communication,

And by giving our clients access to a private workspace they get 24/7 access to us.

On top of regular communication in the workspace,

We give regular updates on:

- KPIs
- Conversations with prospects
- Changes to scripting or targeting

3. Join Our Trello Board

Trello stores all of the resources necessary to run our outreach campaigns like scripts and the leads list,

General resources like login credentials and the service agreement,

And a to-do list for both us and our clients.

Super easy to be transparent with clients when they can see everything we’re working on with their campaigns!

4. Zoom Onboarding Call

Once the client completes the first 3 tasks,

We jump on a quick Zoom call with them to introduce the whole team,

Go over the resources on the Trello board,

And get set for outreach campaigns to start.

We show up to this call with scripts and leads lists prepared,

So all the client needs to do is approve both of them for campaigns to start.

We also use this call to set expectations for the working relationship on both sides.

This entire process is transparent,

Detail oriented,

And super organized.

Our clients are prompted on exactly what they need to do for campaigns to begin,

Multiple channels of communication (email, Slack, Trello, and Zoom) are established,

And we leave a great first impression.

By giving clients a step-by-step system to follow and over-communicating with them,

A smooth onboarding process sets a strong precedent for the entire relationship moving forward.

The client knows you’re on top of your game, knows you care, and that they’re in good hands.




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