Less Is More When Crafting Cold Outreach Scripts

Anna Auza | Unsplash

Cold outreach is a game of capturing attention.

When sending cold email or LinkedIn messages, you have a few seconds to hook the prospect with your offer and get them to reply.

If you can’t capture their attention quickly, your message will be passed over and forgotten as the prospect clears their inbox.

Because of this, it’s key that your outreach scripts are as short as possible.

For example, here’s our offer in long form:

“We help business owners like you generate a steady stream of qualified calls each month on your calendar through hyper personalization and smart automation via cold email and LinkedIn.”


Sure, it describes exactly what we do.

What it doesn’t do is get our offer across in as little time as possible, which puts our message at risk of being passed over by prospects.

To keep it short and sweet, here’s our how we frame our offer in our scripts:

“I can fill your calendar with 20+ sales calls each month on a Pay-Per-Call basis — just like I did for Mario at Lanzarotti Leadership.”

You may be thinking, how would that be effective if you don’t state HOW you’re able to deliver them calls each month?

Valid point.

While it may seem necessary to include that, the main point of our outreach is to get prospects on the phone so we can explain our offer further.

The main job is simply to move a prospect to book a call — and we do that by stating what our offer can do for THEM.

In this case, it’s delivering qualified calls on their calendar.

Because our script is so short, they’re able to understand exactly how we can help them within seconds.

Keep your outreach scripting as short as possible, and watch your reply rates start benefitting as a result!

Hope this helped.

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We help B2B service providers with a proven offer generate a steady stream of 30+ highly targeted, prequalified leads on autopilot using cold email and LinkedIn