Keeping A Consistent Offer In Your Outreach Campaigns

2 min readAug 26, 2021

The money in cold outreach is absolutely made in the follow ups.

There’s a slim chance that a prospect will see your initial email, open it, and respond back to you.

For each follow up added to your outreach sequence, you’re significantly increasing the likelihood of a prospect replying back to you.

This obviously makes follow ups very important, but what’s even more important is what’s being said in the messages themselves.

For the longest time, we used to bombard prospects with lengthy follow ups.

Our sequence went a little something like this:

- Initial email — offer
- Bump
- Case study #1
- Case study #2
- Wrap up question — reframing the initial offer

By the time our last message was sent, prospects most likely had no clue what we were actually offering…

And would have no interest in replying.

Once we realized why these in-depth follow ups weren’t effective, we came up with a much simpler solution.

Instead of trying to catch a prospect’s eye with several different case studies and offer angles,

We put all our focus on getting their eyes on our initial message.

Here’s what our sequence looks like now:

- Initial one sentence email
- Bump follow up email
- LinkedIn connection
- Initial offer (same as email)
- Bump follow up message
- Breakup message

Rather than confusing the prospects with case studies and a bunch of CTAs, this sequence puts the spotlight on the initial offer.

With all of the focus coming back to the initial one sentence offer, prospects have a crystal clear idea on what we’re offering and why they should be interested.

Since implementing these changes, our response and call booked rates have increased across the board.

Keep it simple!




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