How to write omnichannel outreach scripts for certain scenarios

2 min readJun 16, 2021

Omnichannel outreach is game changer.

It allows you to reach prospects on multiple platforms like email, LinkedIn, and cold calling all with one comprehensive strategy,

And maximizes your chances for booking calls with anyone interested in working with you.

To keep our scripts personalized and relevant to the prospect, we make sure we frame our scripts differently for each “scenario” of our outreach.

LinkedIn to cold email

You’ve connected with a prospect and sent them a handful of messages on LinkedIn, but have yet to hear back.

What’s the next logical step here?

Shoot them an email.

In this scenario, all of our scripts reference our LinkedIn conversation, saying:

“Andre from KnowledgeX here.

I messaged you a few times on LinkedIn and haven’t heard back…

Figured I’d send you an email in case you’re not as active there as I am :)”

This opener will put the action on the prospect, because often times they’ll feel guilty for ghosting you on LinkedIn and will be more likely to get back to your email.

The tone of this message is also very laid back, saying how the prospect may not be very active on LinkedIn rather than confronting them for not replying.

And of course, this seems very personalized and genuine because of how specific the messaging is, but it’s all automated.

Email to InMail

“Andre from KnowledgeX here.

I sent you a few emails and haven’t heard back so I figured I’d use one of my precious InMail credits to try to reach you here :)”

Just like emailing a prospect after a few LinkedIn messages, we shoot them an InMail if they don’t reply to our emails.

We like to keep it lighthearted on LinkedIn, and even joke around telling the prospect we used one of our “precious” InMail credits on them trying to connect.

(InMail credits are limited, so there is truth to this statement)

Inboxes to cold call

If a prospect has yet to respond to any of our messages, the last option is a cold call.

“Andre from KnowledgeX here.

Tried getting in touch with you a handful of times on LinkedIn (or email), figured I’d give you a call to see if there’s any interest in OFFER.”

Some prospects simply aren’t active on LinkedIn and don’t get around to checking emails often, so the best option is a cold call.

Opening the call this way will give you a better shot at sparking a conversation, because you’re showing persistence and will hopefully earn the chance to pitch your offer to the prospect.

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