How to “Reverse Engineer” Interest In Your Offer

2 min readSep 9, 2021

Cold outreach is a numbers game. You reach out to a large quantity of people, in the hopes that a select few will be interested in what you have to offer.

But, what if there was a way to boost your odds?

Turns out there is, with specific targeting filters on databases like Apollo or services like ListKit.

Here are 3 targeting filters that we target by to find prospects interested in our offer.

1. Recently Funded

If a company is recently funded, it shows two things.

First, it tells us the company is rapidly growing and is looking to aggressively scale. Companies that receive any sort of funding rounds are typically successful, profitable, and in hyper-growth mode.

Second, a recent funding round tells us these companies have the capital to spend!

These companies have the budget, and are actively looking to deploy this capital to satisfy their investors and hit their numbers for the year.

Not to mention, recent funding means the contact data for these companies is up to date and accurate so you likely won’t have to worry about inactive email addresses or numbers.

2. Hiring For Positions

If a company is looking to hire for roles internally, there’s a good chance they need help in this area of expertise.

If, for example, they’re looking to hire content marketers and you just so happen to be a blog and content writer with years of experience, you’re in luck.

Even if this company isn’t looking to sign on with an outside agency for the position they’re looking to fill, this targeting filter will reveal interest in your offer and will give you a chance to land a call and close them.

3. Technologies Used

This filter is extremely effective if you offer consulting for a certain technology.

For example, if you consult companies on their Klaviyo email marketing flows, filtering by companies who use Klaviyo will be a gold mine for your outreach.

And since you already know that these prospects use the technologies you work with, you can dive straight into why you’re able to help these prospects in your outreach messaging.

By positioning yourself as the expert straight away, all you need is a company that struggles with this certain technology and you’re in there!

Target by one of these 3 filters for your offer, and get one step ahead of prospects with your outreach scripts to get them on the phone and closed as clients.




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