How to leverage case studies in your cold outreach

2 min readJun 9, 2021

Social proof is everything.

If you’re about to buy anything from a pair of sneakers to a 5 figure coaching program, you want to know that other people were happy with their purchase before you pull the trigger.

This is why case studies are so important in cold outreach scripts.

The prospect wants to know that you have experience providing value to companies in their industry, and that they’ll receive value from working with you.

Case studies are a key part of our scripts, and we tend to keep the messaging based around results and benefits.

Think about it, if you’re buying a car, you want to feel how smooth it is on the road and how many miles to the gallon it gets.

Unless you’re a car enthusiast, you could care less about the tech the car uses to stay fuel efficient or what brake pads the car has to brake smoothly.

The same is true in business.

You don’t sign with an SEO specialist because you’re impressed by their special keyword process, you’re signing because a competitor has seen a huge boost in inbound leads from working with them.

We frame our case studies in our outreach like this:

We worked with {{company}} to {{problem you’re solving}} {{results}}.

An example for one of our clients:

“We worked with COMPANY to create more demand for their PRODUCT/SERVICE and generated an influx of new leads into their sales pipeline.

As a result, we generated X qualified inbound leads per week and decreased their cost-per-acquisition by X%.”

Another example:

“Last quarter we achieved X ROI for COMPANY by implementing our neuroscience-based leadership development programs.”

All of our case studies flow like this, mentioning how we helped a client solve a problem they were facing and the results we generated as a result of solving said problem.

This will resonate with prospects, especially if the case study is with a company in the same industry as them.

All of this is even easier if you have kickass clients that have unbelievable case studies :)

Implement this into your outreach scripts, pair it with an intro and a call to action, and start getting on more sales calls!

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