The hardest part of any business is getting started.

Everyone talks about scaling an agency to “$10k a month”, but few really break down how to take the first stride toward achieving that: signing your first client.

Here’s how to sign your first in a few simple steps.

First, define your offer. What value do you provide? What pain points do you fix? What outcomes can you help someone achieve?

Follow the “I help X achieve Y by Z” framework:

“I help SEO agencies land more high ticket clients by closing deals over the phone.”

“I help SaaS companies enroll…

Cold outreach is a numbers game. You reach out to a large quantity of people, in the hopes that a select few will be interested in what you have to offer.

But, what if there was a way to boost your odds?

Turns out there is, with specific targeting filters on databases like Apollo or services like ListKit.

Here are 3 targeting filters that we target by to find prospects interested in our offer.

1. Recently Funded

If a company is recently funded, it shows two things.

First, it tells us the company is rapidly growing and is looking to…

The very first step of building a successful agency is twofold: Build your Ideal Client Profile or ICP, and craft your Unique Selling Point or USP.

Before running any outreach, taking any sales calls, and working with any clients, your first task is to figure out who you want to work with, and how you can frame your offer in a way that’s attractive to them.

The first step is to build an ICP.

To build an ICP, ask yourself:

- Who can I get results for?
- What industry are they in?
- Do they have a real need for my…

The money in cold outreach is absolutely made in the follow ups.

There’s a slim chance that a prospect will see your initial email, open it, and respond back to you.

For each follow up added to your outreach sequence, you’re significantly increasing the likelihood of a prospect replying back to you.

This obviously makes follow ups very important, but what’s even more important is what’s being said in the messages themselves.

For the longest time, we used to bombard prospects with lengthy follow ups.

Our sequence went a little something like this:

- Initial email — offer
- Bump
- Case…

You just signed a new client!

While it’s absolutely cause for celebration, it’s also crunch time to set clear expectations and leave a good first impression on the client.

Once my agency signs a new client, my team and I waste no time getting them onboarded and set up with our various resources.

As soon as they sign the contract, they’re sent an onboarding email that prompts them to do 4 things.

1. Fill Out Our Client Onboarding Form

The onboarding form prompts our clients to give us insights into:

- Their offer
- Their ideal prospect
- What pain points, motivations…

The goal of any agency should be to profitably scale it.

It seems easy on paper… Sign new clients, deliver results, hire employees, and you’ll be set.

But, the reality is, scaling an agency is hard unless done properly.

The main bottleneck when scaling a business is efficiency, because being able to provide value to each client takes time and effort.

And if your clients are in dozens of different industries, you’ll be running on an endless hamster wheel of client work.

To avoid this and have the bandwidth to scale, it’s key to work with one niche at a…

When doing omnichannel outreach,

It’s important to speak differently on LinkedIn than you would on email.

LinkedIn is a social media platform, and you should talk to prospects on LinkedIn in a more casual, conversational tone.

Email is much more professional, and you should approach email conversations with a more formal tone.

Here’s a quick example of an outreach message we use on LinkedIn:

“Would you be interested in {offer}?


Short and to the point, because no one on LinkedIn wants to read a 3+ sentence pitch.

And yes, a simple one-line question works to get replies!!

This message…

Just wanted to share 3 common objections we see when managing our inboxes,

And how we respond to these objections in an attempt to get these prospects on the phone.

Objection #1: The Colleague Referral

We deal with this all the time.

The initial prospect deflects us to their partner or employee, and tells us to relay information to them.

You may think it’s a good time to just move on from this prospect, but *you* actually have the leverage in this case.

Since you’re being referred by someone else in the company, this person has incentive to listen to…

Omnichannel outreach is game changer.

It allows you to reach prospects on multiple platforms like email, LinkedIn, and cold calling all with one comprehensive strategy,

And maximizes your chances for booking calls with anyone interested in working with you.

To keep our scripts personalized and relevant to the prospect, we make sure we frame our scripts differently for each “scenario” of our outreach.

LinkedIn to cold email

You’ve connected with a prospect and sent them a handful of messages on LinkedIn, but have yet to hear back.

What’s the next logical step here?

Shoot them an email.

In this scenario…

Social proof is everything.

If you’re about to buy anything from a pair of sneakers to a 5 figure coaching program, you want to know that other people were happy with their purchase before you pull the trigger.

This is why case studies are so important in cold outreach scripts.

The prospect wants to know that you have experience providing value to companies in their industry, and that they’ll receive value from working with you.

Case studies are a key part of our scripts, and we tend to keep the messaging based around results and benefits.

Think about it, if…


We help B2B service providers with a proven offer generate a steady stream of 30+ highly targeted, prequalified leads on autopilot using cold email and LinkedIn

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