3 common objections & how to overcome them

3 min readJun 23, 2021

Just wanted to share 3 common objections we see when managing our inboxes,

And how we respond to these objections in an attempt to get these prospects on the phone.

Objection #1: The Colleague Referral

We deal with this all the time.

The initial prospect deflects us to their partner or employee, and tells us to relay information to them.

You may think it’s a good time to just move on from this prospect, but *you* actually have the leverage in this case.

Since you’re being referred by someone else in the company, this person has incentive to listen to you,

Especially if they’re a lower level employee being referred to by a CEO or executive.

Here’s how we open the email in this case:

“I was speaking with NAME (or your CEO/CMO/etc) via LinkedIn in regards to a call discussing (INSERT YOUR OFFER), and recommended I reach out to you.”

By framing the message in regards to setting up a call, it’ll be effortless to get some time on calendar once this person gets back to you.

If follow ups are needed, keep referencing the call and bump the first message so it’s top of mind for them.

2: What’s The Cost

This is a textbook trap question.

Rather than replying with your pricing structure or retainer size, push them to get on a call with you.

Since the prospect doesn’t even have a clue about your offer or how valuable you can be to them,

Deferring to a phone call to break down pricing is your best option.

Here’s how we handle this:

“Happy to discuss pricing with you over a phone call so we don’t waste both our times talking via email.

Our services are highly flexible and it would be better to discuss a custom pricing structure for your needs.

This might not be a fit, and I know this is not the answer you’re looking for, but let me know if this helps and you’re open to chatting.”

3: Can You Tell Me More

This is usually a deflection rather than the prospect giving you a hard no.

To keep the conversation moving towards a phone call, we give them a quick overview of our offer with a CTA of hopping on a quick call to learn more.

For our offer, it would go something like this:

“I’ll keep it brief. We would reach out to your ideal prospects leveraging LinkedIn and cold email, and you only pay us for the calls we book on your calendar.

If you’d be open to discussing further, send me some times that work with you for a quick call.”

By doing this, you show them how you’re able to bring them value while intriguing them enough to book a call with you.

We deal with tons of objections from prospects, but these are the 3 that we see most often.

Hope this helps! :)




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